Top 10 Fonts of 2013

Publicado: enero 14, 2014 en interesante

As Steinbeck wisely noted, “Time does the job (that) dynamite can’t touch”– an appropriate image, since 2013 represented the most explosive shake-up in YWFT Top Ten history! Most of last year’s items didn’t even make the cut. In fact, only three items stood the test, YWFT Hannah, Gibson and Frontage.

As always with our Top Ten list, the ranking is based strictly on sales, and once again The Top Fonts of 2013 Value Pack saves you 25% off the regular prices.


1. Trend

The first newcomer on the list, and a true powerhouse at the top of the heap, LatinoType’s awesome Trend killed it in 2013, with its layered, fashion-conscious aesthetics proving to be unstoppable.


2. Veneer

Another new kid on the block, Veneer from Yellow Design Studio had the right stuff in 2013, bringing serious vintage chops and winning the silver. With three levels of distress included for free, this new kid rocked it.


3. Thirsty Rough

Yet another Top Ten rookie, Thirsty Rough’s warm and weathered look, with four alternate versions and matching texture pieces, gave it a place on the podium with the bronze, again to Yellow Design Studio.


4. Verb

Rounding out the triumvirate of Yellow Design Studio newcomers was Verb, the friendly, approachable OpenType feature powerhouse. Seriously packed with features, this monster performer barely missed the top three.


5. Nexa Slab

Fontfabric’s geometric slab is our fifth newcomer, and no surprse, with classic Neo-Grotesque slab richness and strict geometry. Serious without being rigid and inflexible, Nexa Slab brought real power in 2013.


6. YWFT Hannah

Finally, a familiar face! (swwdt? “face?” oh, never mind.) Hannah, our in-house champ, stays right where it was, steady and solid at number 6 for the second year in a row. There are many imitators, but Hannah remains first.


7. Frontage

Last year’s gold medal winner stays on the list, charming as always, with endless design possibilities. Its realistic 3D effect continues to bring real sophistication to headlines and logotypes around the globe.


8. Gibson

A perennial player, last year’s bronze winner remains as delicious as the drink or the guitars that share its name. Named for Canadian designer John Gibson, this 8-font family is especially affordable.


9. YWFT Trithart

Another in-house fave, the usefulness and unique flair of this joyful, hand-drawn player brought it onto the list for the first time in 2013. Always nice to see the hometown heroes do well. Nice job, kid.


10. Neusa

Rounding out the list, this geometric sans from The Northern Block was inspired by the early space explorations including the iconic “Life” magazine coverage of the Apollo program. Tranquililty Base, here. #10 has landed.

Honorable Mentions

We couldn’t post the list without these three more newcomers, even though they didn’t quite make it to the Top Ten, they still did well enough to warrant a mention.


Trend Hand Made

The sidekick to the gold-medal winner was a pretty serious superhero too.



Steampunk slab with an industrial accent, this Schwager was worth a wager.



Wordshape’s massive, diverse family of neutral-yet-formal grotesks killed.



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